Tuesday, November 03, 2009

dear blog

we have a lot of catching up to do...

october was a blur, so i'll share the highlights and leave out the stories of swine flu, lysol, and hand sanitizer.

my life was full of fun things like getting international mail...

i ordered a kit to make my own little clutch. it was my first attempt at such a project, and i have to say, it went pretty well. i'll share pictures soon. as well as another super exciting thing that happened resulting in more international packages. when they arrive, i'll share :)

i also did a little bit around the house... adding some autumn loveliness:

and artwork given to us by one of our dear art trail artist friends (the rose below). such a special piece merited an arrangement of other items that are special to us.

i was even able to get a lingerie bag done for a friend. she needed a special gift to give her future sis-in-law.

but the absolute highlight of october 2009 was a trip to vegas to see u2 and hang out with some great friends. words really cannot describe how amazing this concert was.

we also got to take a limo from the bellagio to downtown vegas for dinner at the swanky hugo's cellar. we're talking old school swanky here. they give each lady a long stemmed red rose. it was fantastic :)

and since vegas is so close to cedar city, utah... where jerrie & dean live, we had to make a day trip out of it. jerrie is a photographer and took us to this old mercedes for a little shoot.

and then there was halloween. isaiah was a tech baseball player and sarah was a kitty cat.

i resisted buying pre-made costumes this year because they seem to be getting more and more expensive every year. the baseball costume was easy... just a quick trip to academy sports and we're good to go. but sarah's took a trip to hobby lobby and a little creativity.

and there you have it... all the fun events from october and none of the yucky, swine flu-infested-couch-quarantined-puking-fever-coughing part of october. we survived with better memories that that :)

stay tuned for more on my first handmade clutch
xo, evan

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Anonymous said...

So glad you made it through Swine Flu...It must have been just awful! It's great to see that you managed to make some good memories :)