Wednesday, August 19, 2009

32 reasons to love michael sanford.

1. the way he teaches his son about life
2. he's crazy funny
3. his smile makes my heart h.a.p.p.y.
4. he loves intensely
5. he believes its important to do the right thing
6. he loves the things i create
7. he's really good at talking to people he doesn't know
8. he's devastatingly handsome
9. he makes life an adventure
10. he used to come knock on my window late at night
11. he would also call me to tell me random funny stories
12. he is a loyal friend
13. he is not afraid of hard work
14. he sings with passion
15. he's an incredible musician
16. he looks great on stage
17. he believes his salvation comes from jesus
18. he loves jesus deeply
19. he loves to play with his kids
20. he shows them how to use their imagination
21. he's the coolest dad ever
22. he loves to make people laugh
23. his heart is huge
24. he and sarah have a magical connection
25. he's a really good cook
26. he doesn't always play by the rules
27. and i learn a lot from that
28. he wishes for a ferarri
29. he wished for me and his wish came true
30. he tells me that i get better looking every day
31. he still takes me on dates
32. and sweeps me off my feet

Happy Birthday Michael.

I love you for all these reasons. And many many more.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

new work!!

blooms of red lollipops

a bit of collage using fabric and a little experimentation with stitching directly onto the canvas... it was super fun!

hello mr. red owl

that toy store in taos...

and some handpainted journals