Tuesday, February 17, 2009


here's a peek at a series of pieces i've been working on for a friend

melanie... i'm so excited for you to see everything!! i've had a lot of fun with this project :)

... and i pulled this down from the attic (well, michael did... thanks, honey!) and have spent a little time getting re-aquainted with it. i kind of feel like i'm in girl scouts again working on a merit badge. ha!

this is sarah's cat... her name is lobby. and sarah loves playing with her little wand. she calls it a "gleen"... 
and her little twinkle toes! here she is showing "pizza feet". she learned how to do that at "dancing school". yesterday before class she said "mommy... i love dancing". someday maybe i'll get a good picture of her in her ballet shoes or tap shoes, but we were in a hurry when i took this picture.

and i just noticed this... see it? right there at the bottom. have you ever noticed it? took me by surprise.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

a day for love

it's one of my most favorite days of the year. i've spent the morning re-organizing my art supplies and i had intended on sharing some photos with you along with some valentine flair. 

however, i came across something today that i feel the need to share instead. notice the little pink button over to the right? clicking on it will take you to a page on etsy.com where sellers have listed items that they are selling to raise funds for the cora paige project

i had learned about cora through an amazingly creative and fun blog i've been reading for a while. the mcclenahan's story has struck me in a big way. my heart hurts for this sweet family. i'm amazed at the way God is moving through their lives and into many others.

take the time to read if you feel compelled. happy valentine's day. i hope it's full of love.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

finally... a little time to breathe

and share the cards i've made! 

i've become a little obsessed with making cards lately... i made them so i'd have something to sell at the art trail last night. well i did sell a few but there are some left over. take a lookie:

(i carved my own little heart stamp for the one above)

(sorry this one is blurry!)

(again, the hand-carved stamp)

this one's a set of 8 cards... same design, different colors

if you're interested in getting a hand-made card to give to your valentine, let me know... they're for sale! i can also customize a card or set of cards for you... just leave your name/email in the comments. (if you don't live in Lubbock, i'm thinking it will be tricky to get the card to you in time for Valentine's Day. but please keep me in mind for other special occasions!)

did you know you can buy a whole bag of green m&m's?? michael and i saw this at walmart the other day. it made us laugh. notice the text in the lower right corner: "sweetie... it's all true". so funny!! 

valentine's day is my favorite holiday. ever. the pink and red hearts hanging from the ceilings at target, the gorgeous flower arrangements in the floral section of the grocery store... completely irresistable. i just love the idea of celebrating love. giving little gifts. m&m's. valentine cards. [sigh] 

here's to a great week... lovelovelove, e