Wednesday, June 18, 2008

melanie's married!!!!

she's such a special friend of ours. we love her dearly. she's got a wisdom about her that can only come from the Lord. and she's married now! she and kirk got married at this amazing old hacienda in san patricio, nm. it was gorgeous. michael sang amazing grace and two of his own songs in the ceremony which was absolutely breathtaking. although i did have to miss a little of the vows to save the dinner table. (a huge gust of wind destroyed the carefully sculptured napkins and placecards i worked so hard on) but all saved and everything was perfect. (so say's melanie;))

the pictures i took were at the rehearsal and dinner. i have never seen her so happy. here's a little evidence:and those shoes!! i had to get a picture of them... they were fabulous. i have a thing for shoes. (i've got a post coming up about shoes... stay tuned:)

i just love weddings. michael does too. maybe we should start our own wedding planning biz. hmmm...

now go see the lauren clark photos of the actual wedding. happy weekend! loves, evan

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

as promised...

Here they are... the embroidery projects I have done. This is a kitchen towel...
And this is a lingerie bag I made for my friend who is getting married this weekend. It's actually a small pillowcase that zips. I thought it would make a great little bag to stash her lingerie when she travels :)
So our trip to Steamboat was fantastic. Here are the highlights...

As we were driving through Pueblo, we decided to stop and have lunch. We wanted to drive through somewhere and then find a park to have a picnic. What we found was this beautiful area of downtown Pueblo. We had our lunch in a gazebo and then rented a paddleboat for a little ride on a small lake nearby. We also found some cool places to take pictures of the kiddos...
And a pit stop in Golden... for a little caffeine. Isaiah the cowboy had to take a moment to sit on a horse in front of the western store. This horse is life-sized. And Isaiah was loving it!We spent lots of time at a hot springs in Steamboat. We got to swim in these big, warm, beautiful swimming pools. We also had our lunch there. Sarah looked so cute in her little pink hoodie.
We swam so much we turned into prunes.
With all the snow melting, the river was high and the waters moved really fast.
Isaiah and his cousin Wyatt. This was in Craig, where my brother and his fam lives. Again, high fast waters. The sunset was beautiful.
And a shot of the mountains as we began our long drive home. Do you see how lots of pine trees are dead? That's because of the pine beetles. They are taking over. My brother said that in like 5 years all the pine trees will be gone:(
There you have it... our family summer vacation of 2008. I can't believe it's already over! We left beautiful 70 degree weather and came home to 100 degrees with 50 mile an hour winds. Yick.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

i think they can dance

i promise i'll post more pics of the trip... and of a few projects i'm working on. it's such a busy week for me. so for now, i give you a video of isaiah & sarah dancing with their cousins.

(hi sharyn, hunter, wyatt, and amelia! we sure had fun... can't wait to see you again!)