Monday, November 09, 2009


this weekend was the end of a great season of soccer for isaiah.

if you didn't know already, when he was 4 we tried soccer and he hated it. we quit mid-season.

but he wanted to try again... and he LOVED it.

and at the last game, he scored his first goal. way to go, isaiah!!!

i'm in the woodlands for a week with michael, who has to be here for work. i get to be here for fun :) spending lots of time catching up on by blog-reading and on the indie business class. doing a little shopping, movie-watching... and people-watching. it feels really weird to have so much time to myself. i'm really trying to embrace it.

we watched this last night.

i'm planning on seeing this sometime this week.

and when i get home i really REALLY want to try to make these. yum!

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