Thursday, February 11, 2010

homemade valentine

this year i decided to make valentines for isaiah and sarah to give their friends at school
(instead of buying the pre-made ones)

i think they turned out pretty cute:

they were super easy! they are coin envelopes filled with sweet tarts. 

ps. lauren is isaiah's "girlfriend". this is their third year to be in the same class and they have claimed each other as boyfriend/girlfriend since they were 4! maybe they'll be like cory and topanga. ha! !

i also made these for sarah's valentine party at school:

her teacher gave us a GREAT tip for keeping all of the valentines the kids get at their parties:

get some contact paper and arrange them however you want... taking up plenty of space. place another sheet of contact paper on top and voila! you've got a placemat!!

i hope your valentine's day is full of LOVE this year!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


well the cake treats were a success...

but there's a funny story about the whole thing...

i actually set out to make these for my friend, melanie

her husband was planning a surprise birthday party for her and put me in charge of bringing the birthday cake. in lieu of a cake, i decided it would be a great opportunity to try these mini cake treats.

... and thought it would make a great blog post as well. i even mentioned it on facebook. i knew melanie would see that, but didn't expect what came next.

while i was making the cake balls, she calls me. not wanting to blow the surprise, i let the call go to voicemail. 

she left a message saying "thanks for your blog post... and for introducing me to bakerella!! i'm going to hobby lobby today to get the molds to make them for my birthday on monday... i'd love to come by and see how you are making them!!"


i didn't call her back... thinking at least maybe she'll decide to wait on making them. 

i'm on the phone with jerrie, and the doorbell rings. 

guess who... 

melanie comes in and we hang out and i try to talk about everything but cake balls. but she knew why she had come over and asked to see them. i gave her one and she loved it... and decided to make that trip to hobby lobby to get all the supplies. 


she leaves and michael and i take the kids to dinner. i get a text message from her saying that hobby lobby is out of the molds and the ones at michael's weren't quite right. she asks to borrow mine on monday, to which i respond with "absolutely!! i'll bring them to you tomorrow!"

whew. crisis averted.

i show up at the party with melanie's cake treats and we laughed and laughed about the whole situation. she was truly surprised. 

so here's to melanie. being thirty is completely fantastic. i love you, friend

Saturday, February 06, 2010

trying something new today

...we'll see how it goes. could be disastrous. could be glorious. could be the start of having to visit the gym more than three times a week.

found at  bakerella 
(if you haven't been to what are you waiting for? go there now!!)

but be prepared. you will get a sugar craving like nobody's business. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

sneak peek

here are some of the valentines alisa and i did!

come see us this friday night: 6-9 at alderson mercedes
                                                                        for the first friday art trail!

plus, cassie with smitten cakes will be there with yumm-o cupcakes!

and as always, sarah timmons with pink street design will be there with her "to die for" jewels!

if you are unable to attend but you'd like on of our valentine cards, just put your email address in the comments of this post and we'll contact you!! all cards are $5. :)

xoxo, evan