Thursday, September 25, 2008

i feel the need to share

this video:

if you don't already know who he is, this is a guy by the name of donald miller. he's written several books, two of which are searching for god knows what and blue like jazz. both books i have read and completely shook me up... revolutionized and strengthened my faith. i also had the privelege of seeing him speak at a conference at willow creek. he's the real deal if you haven't read his books, start with blue like jazz. it's truly amazing.

anyway, donald miller gave the convocation at the democratic national convention. a seemingly bold move. i was really encouraged to hear that he's "there". and to find this video and hear his statements on why he's supporting obama. not completely surprised though. from the beginning i've really liked barack obama. i like his style. yes, he's a good speaker. he's also a good leader. and his wife, michelle... she seems to be amazing.

but i'm surrounded by people who support mccain. in a town like lubbock, tx if you claim to be a christian you're expected to vote republican. period. but i've chosen to go to the "dark side".

recently i found a website called this website is a comprehensive record of all candidates. you can go through lists of how those candidates have voted on issues, statements they've made... etc. it's a great research tool. i encourage you to do what i did... instead of blindly supporting a candidate (which i was), do your research. know why your supporting a candidate. i did that and i feel even stronger that barack obama should be our next president.

Friday, September 19, 2008

i married a rock star

michael's band cyrus will be opening up for the toadies next week! the show is thursday at 7 at the lonestar amphitheater. you can get your tickets here.
have a fabulous weekend! e

Friday, September 12, 2008

this is funny

a while back michael came home from work with one of those laser pens. as sarah was finishing her dinner, he hid behind her and made the light dance all around her. the first time he did it she didn't know quite how to react... she kept calling it a ladybug ("laggy bug") and proceeded with lots of giggles and "awww's". then we decided to get her reaction on video. the first reaction was a bit more dramatic, but it's funny to see isaiah get in on the fun...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

birthday weekend and other fun stuff

my sweet michael took me to dallas for my birthday:) he surprised me with shopping money, so we spent the better part of our labor day weekend in the happy shopping town of frisco:) yesterday on the way back home, we stopped by the ft worth botanical gardens...

and lookie what i picked up at ikea... i adore them.
sunday night we went to see a movie at the angelika film center, a super cool cinema. we saw henry poole is here. a fantastic movie... we loved it! go see it.
a few weeks ago i spent lots and lots of time working on these burp cloths for "olive & everette"... if you have a baby gift to get, go by kk's craft mall and pick one up. we're booth #t8;)
i finished making my freckled nest notebook last week. here's a snap. i'm proud of it:)
i hope my 31st year of life is as good as my 30th one was. right now, it's looking pretty darn good:)
lovelovelove, e