Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where did June go?

i can't believe it's july... already! i knew going in to june that it would be crazy, that it would fly by and i was completely right. here's part 2 of our june (part 1 was sarah's dance recital, btw) 

swim lessons!

we've done swim lessons at Texas Tech for the last 6 years. this year was different because #1: i didn't get in the water with anyone (we've outgrown the "parent & me" class!) and #2: the lessons were relocated to a brand-spankin-new pool... a pool so fantastic that i'm really bummed i didn't get to participate other than acting as the observing parent. but the kids loved it, learned new things, and on the last day they got to take a ride on the lazy river. 

jerrie's wedding! 

michael's sister, jerrie got married. this was the first of two weddings our family experienced in june. this one was fun because, well, jerrie is just so stinkin fun to be around. i participated as a bridesmaid... sarah was the flower girl... and isaiah was a ring-bearer. 

sarah LOVED dressing up 

and isaiah, well... after my dad helped him get dressed up in his tux he refused to come out of the bathroom. it took much coaxing and a bit of force to get him out. notice the look on his face in the family picture above. good thing we had lots of time before the ceremony for him to warm up. in situations such as this, i have learned "no talk, no touch, no eye contact" is about the best policy. i learned that from the dog whisperer... but it worked and isaiah handled his job like a pro. 

here he is with scooter. scooter's been in michael's family for a very long time. 

at the reception, sarah discovered the microphone and proceeded to sing. she sang 3 songs. i couldn't break her away.

but dancing with this man... well i'd put down anything for such an opportunity :)


Anonymous said...

i love my family. i am so proud of the life they bring to this world and the joy they bring to my heart. -m

Jerrie said...

i love this!! I am so glad you all were a part of our big day!! I love you guys and miss you so much!

Emily Suzanne said...

You look so cute in your bridesmaids dress~! Love that family of yours!