Saturday, May 24, 2008

road trip.

today the sanfords are heading out of town. yay! we're spending the night in dalhart, tx (where my mom grew up) and then tomorrow we'll be driving all day long... our final destination? steamboat springs, colorado!

we are so ready to get out of lubbock for awhile. my brother and his fam live right outside of steamboat, so we'll get to see them:) we'll probably see snow too. and our 8th wedding anniversary is tuesday. yahoo! i'll share more about that later... along with updates from the mountains!!

have a great memorial day weekend. e

Thursday, May 08, 2008

guess what

i'm so excited today! i just made my first purchase on etsy. you wanna know what i bought?

i picked it because it seems to be lots of fun... at least i hope it is...

i bought embroidery patterns! yep. i'm going to embroider something. i'm still committed to working on the granny skills (you know, knitting, crocheting). but check them out...

they are designed by the incredibly talented elsie. check her out here. here. and here.

aren't they fantastic? i'm so very excited about trying something new. hopefully i'll get something started and blogged very soon. i'll probably start with a pillow for this sweet pea:

what's something you've never done? is there a granny skill you'd like to try? or maybe something you learned to do as a brownie that you'd like to try again (hopefully it isn't picking your nose)?

Monday, May 05, 2008

it's been so long and i have so much to share...

first of all... this picture of michael and i was on the front page of today. we were at the art trail. fun! the white top i'm wearing is new. i got it at this fun store.

and here's a shot of my family. from the left: sophia (my brother's fiance), spencer & hunter (the brothers), my mom & dad, me and michael. isn't he handsome? we had just attended a luncheon where my dad got a "lifetime achievement" award from the boy scouts.

and here's a picture of my tom's. i painted them, so they are one-of-a-kind:)

i'm sure i'll have more to share later. we've been crazy busy lately so i haven't even had time to think about blogging. but as time allows and as i get more pictures taken i'll share more i promise;)

i hope your week is fantastic!!! evan