Saturday, March 28, 2009

well hello there...

i'm finally able to share some new things with you! the old laptop was put to rest and i'm now the proud owner of a macbook. it's an entirely new world for me... but i'm slowly getting used to it. if you're a mac user and you have any information you think would be helpful to me, please share :D

i recently filled a custom order for birthday invitations for a little girl who's turning 9. these were so fun to make!

and for good measure, here are some recent photos of the kids: 

sarah LOVES lipgloss. apparently, this particular day she was experimenting with a clown-inspired look.

isaiah is now the proud owner of leather vest and chaps. now he's REALLY a cowboy. unbelievable that he's about to be 6!

Monday, March 16, 2009

dear blog

i'm so sorry i have neglected you. my plate is full and somehow you've gotten shoved off of it. part of the reason is that my laptop died. and it took lots of pictures and all my "favorites" with it... i just don't feel like myself much without it. my blog-reading and blog-writing has come to a crashing halt. sad i know. anyway, hopefully i'll have another laptop up and running sometime in the near future and i'll have lots to blog about.

in the meantime, please accept this apology. sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. i hope you understand.