Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy halloween.

i just discovered an artist... so i thought i'd share. stash it in your pumpkin with all the candy and enjoy. i'm so inspired by this girl's work!

have a fun and safe halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my last word on the subject

i'm really tired of hearing people say things about barack obama that just simply are not true. people have formed opinions based on misinformation and it is driving me nuts. people are most definitely entitled to their opinion, but lets base those opinions on truth.

Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm still here:)

sorry i've been m i a lately. part of the reason is that our router went out and i couldn't get my laptop online. the other part of the reason is that i've been a bit under the weather, and super busy all at the same time.

but things are beginning to slow down just a tad. i'm super excited because i just joined an online class by the oh-so-talented elsie. i'll have lots of new things to share along the way and i'm really looking forward to that!!

i've been creating lots of things lately, and haven't gotten any pictures of any of it. sorry for that! i think this class i've signed up for will force me to document my creations a little more diligently. my creative chops ARE still in tact, and as time allows i'll make the effort to get pictures taken of things i've made:)

halloween this year will be so much fun... isaiah chose to be anakin skywalker this year, which works out really well for him because he looks a bit like anakin. sarah mentioned a while back that she wants to be a spider for halloween. so we found a great spider costume for her, and she loves it! i've already got a few pictures of her in her costume, and i'll share them with you later.

hope your last week of october is fantastic!!

lovelove, e