Monday, June 21, 2010

san antonio part 2

on our way back from san antonio we stopped at wildseed farms outside of fredricksburg

we saw lots and lots of plants and fields of flowers

i was dissappointed that the poppy field had no poppies. and no yellow brick road running through it.

and we saw more butterflies!!

sarah was in heaven.


okay so i've been saving the best part of the trip for last. 

on the way down to san antonio (remember it was on our tenth anniversary?) anyway, michael was driving and loaded the ipod with a playlist. we're driving along. the kids are saying "mom! momma! i need the yellow marker!!" etc etc.

"with or without you" comes on, and because that's the song we played at our wedding during the recessional (perfectly timed to start right at the kiss)... i got the warm fuzzy "awwe" kind of feeling and just sat there enjoying the song (and trying to ignore the noise coming from the backseat)

and michael hands me this book

taken aback, i begin looking through it discovering that it is full of pictures from our last 10 years. memories. moments. snapshots of the magic that is us. 

(yes that's us at age 13... pay more attention to his skinny black leather tie than my hair & outfit)

is he not the most amazing husband ever? completely magical.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


okay, so i will have san antonio part 2 posted later this week... (i know you can hardly wait)

but tomorrow i am going to ceta canyon to speak to a couple hundred 8th and 9th grade girls at one way camp and i thought i'd just ask for prayer from you. mainly that their hearts will open and that my words will not be my own, but God's.

the title of my seminar is "friends, lovers or nothing" but it's really just "evan sanford's guide to life, love, and boys". i'm taking some ideas from "captivating", wisdom from experience, and of course, God's Word. i have two goals: to inspire them to seek healthy relationships throughout their life... never allowing those relationships to get in the way of their relationship with their Creator; and to encourage them to seek who their Creator says they are, not who friends/boyfriends say they should be.

if you have not read Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge... I highly recommend it. If you are married, have your husband read it too. Another good one by John Eldridge is Wild at Heart. A great Father's Day gift :) If you are married, read it. If you have a son, read it. If you want to understand men in any way, read it!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

san antonio part 1

In addition to wedding festivities, our trip to san antonio included the typical "family vacation" activities. While Michael took his brother "The Groom" to Fiesta Texas, I took the kiddos for lunch and a movie. Aunt Jerrie and Uncle Dean joined us for the fun! Lunch at Sugarbaker's made it necessary to get these incredibly ginormous cookies for dessert :)

We then saw Shrek 4. I did not intend on seeing Shrek 4 because the previews didn't seem very good... but it got good reviews, so we decided to give it a shot. I'm glad we did... it was really good! 

Saturday was consumed with wedding stuff... which I got no pictures of. But go here to see some!! You can spot michael, myself and the kids in a few of them. 

As you will see... beautiful location, gorgeous bride... all was perfect!!

We spent Sunday at the San Antonio Zoo. 

I think the highlight was definitely the butterflies...

quite possibly Sarah's favorite thing in the world.

This butterfly was born that morning. It had not flown yet. It's some sort of African-type butterfly... but as you can tell... was HUGE.

Sarah got to hold it!