Monday, August 25, 2008

this little guy...

started kindergarten today. wow. time has flown by. i wasn't sad at all though. i was really proud of him. he was very brave and though he was a little scared this morning, he didn't cry... didn't hang on to my leg or anything. and at the end of the day he's so proud of himself. he's been telling me bits and pieces of the day... showing songs he learned... talked about a game he played in "computers" and about seeing the Tech band play for the whole school. he went through the lunch line by himself (ordering salad, fries, and apples) and saw a kid sitting alone and crying because he couldn't find his class. but he said he didn't cry... he just kept looking and eventually he found his class!

i'm really proud of him today. not sad at all... just proud.

Monday, August 18, 2008

big announcement!

announcing my new little project! my friend allison moore and i have combined forces and opened up a booth at KK's craft mall. we're selling baby stuff... right now we've got my hand stitched burp rags and her fabulous diaper cakes. and we'll be adding more and more baby things soon:) go check it out... look for the brown and green booth in isle T.

Friday, August 08, 2008

6:30... 6:30!

oh sure, yeah they're cute. they have to be. wanna know why? this morning at 6:30 michael and i were awakened by the sounds of giggles coming from the smallest two people that live in our house. yes... isaiah and sarah were up. not only were they awake, they were in the kitchen eating ice cream sandwiches while enjoying a movie on our "little DVD player". they have to be cute...
sarah has been getting up early and getting in bed with us. sometimes she falls back asleep and sometimes she stays awake. but at least we can still doze a little while longer. apparently this morning instead of coming to cuddle with mommy and daddy, sarah decided she'd go directly to the one who will get her the breakfast she's been craving. the ice cream sandwiches tend to be messy. so even when isaiah tries to get rid of the evidence, this wise momma knows better.
hopefully this means it won't be a big shock when isaiah starts kindergarten in a few weeks. we'll be leaving the house at 7:30am every day.
on to more exciting things... my friend allison and i are starting our own business!! we're renting a booth at kk's craft mall and will be selling baby-related items. i'll get some pictures of our booth and announce our name sometime next week... stay tuned!
happy weekend:)