Friday, July 30, 2010

part 2: fourth of july

road trip!!

to our favorite place in the world... taos, nm

yep, we camped out... 

the tent was so massive, it was dubbed the "taj mah tent"

the kids **loved** it!!

this little town north of Taos called Arroyo Seco has a fantastically charming yet quirky parade we like to go to... michael rigged up himself to hold our umbrella. the bottom of the pole was stuck in his back pocket. people took pictures. usually we're the city folk at the parade as we marvel at all the characters who are mostly locals. but this year, people stopped and took pictures of michael!!
(ps... i've got some video of the parade. i'll share soon!)

and since uncle spencer and auntie sophia live so close, we hiked back to their casita.

and you can't visit taos without having outback pizza

... and way2cool root beer

spencer took isaiah, michael, and dad fly fishing
(spencer's my brother, btw... he is a fly fishing guide in taos. what a life, eh?)

isaiah caught his first fish!!

while the boys were fly fishing, sophia took my mom, sarah and i for a rafting ride on the rio grande!
michael had my camera, so i have no pictures to share. but we had a great time!!

thanks spencer & sophia for a great weekend!! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

so... yeah...

i guess it is beyond time for me to let you people in on what we've been doing all summer. okay, fine.

here goes part 1:

Sarah's Dance Recital

i think if i was required to wear makeup like this, i'd make the same face too