Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's here!!!

the Christmas season is upon us. today we put our tree up and decked our house with all our favorite decorations... we even listened to BEAUTIFUL Christmas music. magical.

isaiah took the baby jesus out of his manger and placed him in mary's arms. it was sweet:)

i hope you're as inspired as i am... and that this season is one of family, friends, and love.

i'll post pictures soon!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

things i'm thankful for:

getting to kiss my michael. every. day.
hearing my sweet sarah say "mommy i love you".

imagining all the amazing moments i'll get to have with my kids as they grow.
ps. sarah is officially potty trained! she's done it mostly by herself, so easy!!! yay!
having lots of family come in town for thanksgiving. i LOVE the holidays.

getting inspiration from elsie. i've had some time to actually make some of the things she's teaching in the class, and here are some pictures of elsie-inspired craftiness:

these dolls are made from felt. the one on the left is "straight out of the box". it's basically exactly like the one she made with exception of the colors. the giraffe was my own variation of the project. i think they turned out pretty cute!

this is a journal i've had for a very long time. i think my dad gave it to me and i've never written in it. part of the class is journaling, and so i got this journal out and altered it a bit to make it a little more modern. i used burlap, handmade paper, scrapbook paper, and a love, elsie rub-on.

and a bit of personality on the inside. the owl is a stamp i made a while back. for a stamp-making tutorial, visit leigh ann.

and i also got a journal for sketching out ideas and designs. this was altered a bit using paper, a couple of stickers, and a love, elsie rub-on. inside are pockets, so i can stash magazine tear-outs.
i'll have crafts coming out my ears in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! if i don't get a chance to post before, then HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! lots and lots of love to you.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

our howaween

the first thing that was said in our house on the morning of halloween was spoken by sarah: she announced "happy howaweeeeen!!!" i'm NOT a morning person and little sarah wakes up happy as can be every morning. i love it:)

and so here come the pictures...

sarah the spider! (the first picture was taken last week right after we bought her costume... she wanted to put it on, so i got her picture. she was proud!)

isaiah, aka: anakin skywalker


perusing the loot...

it was a fun night for the kids. we trick-or-treated with some dear friends who are about to move to dallas. this is the 3rd year we've done halloween with them, so we're very sad that next year they won't be around to trick-or-treat with.

tonight texas tech plays ut. a big game to begin with, but add on the fact that both teams are 8-0, and espn practically moved to lubbock for the weekend (and have been broadcasting all day from the stadium). so much attention is being put on this game. it's really amazing that we're getting so much attention. the student section is filled as "first-come-first-serve" and so all week the students have been lining up in order to get in to the game, thus creating "raiderville", a tent city. the population grew to over 2000 students. crazy!!