Saturday, February 07, 2009

finally... a little time to breathe

and share the cards i've made! 

i've become a little obsessed with making cards lately... i made them so i'd have something to sell at the art trail last night. well i did sell a few but there are some left over. take a lookie:

(i carved my own little heart stamp for the one above)

(sorry this one is blurry!)

(again, the hand-carved stamp)

this one's a set of 8 cards... same design, different colors

if you're interested in getting a hand-made card to give to your valentine, let me know... they're for sale! i can also customize a card or set of cards for you... just leave your name/email in the comments. (if you don't live in Lubbock, i'm thinking it will be tricky to get the card to you in time for Valentine's Day. but please keep me in mind for other special occasions!)

did you know you can buy a whole bag of green m&m's?? michael and i saw this at walmart the other day. it made us laugh. notice the text in the lower right corner: "sweetie... it's all true". so funny!! 

valentine's day is my favorite holiday. ever. the pink and red hearts hanging from the ceilings at target, the gorgeous flower arrangements in the floral section of the grocery store... completely irresistable. i just love the idea of celebrating love. giving little gifts. m&m's. valentine cards. [sigh] 

here's to a great week... lovelovelove, e


Emily Suzanne said...

When do you find time to do all seriously! Talk to me about how you organize your time with kids, etc!!!

I also love your cards!

evan said...

thanks, Emily! honestly, my time management skills are a little lacking. when i have a big project i'm working on, i just leave everything out on a table and when i have windows of time i sit down and work. everyone has to look at the mess, but at least i'm getting stuff done! sometimes i have large windows of time to work and sometimes small ones, but now that isaiah is in kindergarten, it's a little easier to find time. sarah loves playing alone in her room, so that helps too.

julio n carla said...

cuuute cards! i LOVE the black & white heart one...
and your banner! awwweeeee... sigh!
are you ready for the pretty class? i'm sooo excited! need to get my supplies ready!

Mandy said...

i like your cards. especially the first one, the heart in brackets and the one that says bloom. i'm glad you found some time to create! I normally don't do much for valentine's day since it seems like kind of a hallmark made up holiday to me, BUT, you've inspired me to make it special for our family...even if it's just little things we do for each other. Thanks.

Shawna Jeree' said...

all the cards are lovely! i started my v-day project lol and its still waiting for me to finish! fingers crossed!

Ann said...

They're all so beautiful. Wish I had a Valentine because I would buy the "you (arrow) make me happy" one.

I was writing a post on green m&m's and came across your blog. And I am happy for the surprise find. Thanks