Tuesday, February 17, 2009


here's a peek at a series of pieces i've been working on for a friend

melanie... i'm so excited for you to see everything!! i've had a lot of fun with this project :)

... and i pulled this down from the attic (well, michael did... thanks, honey!) and have spent a little time getting re-aquainted with it. i kind of feel like i'm in girl scouts again working on a merit badge. ha!

this is sarah's cat... her name is lobby. and sarah loves playing with her little wand. she calls it a "gleen"... 
and her little twinkle toes! here she is showing "pizza feet". she learned how to do that at "dancing school". yesterday before class she said "mommy... i love dancing". someday maybe i'll get a good picture of her in her ballet shoes or tap shoes, but we were in a hurry when i took this picture.

and i just noticed this... see it? right there at the bottom. have you ever noticed it? took me by surprise.


Shawna Jeree' said...

people always ask about that (i'm one of the managers at forever21) mr. chang the owner is super christian and gives a huge percentage of his earnings to his church....

Mandy said...

I don't think that's on all Forever 21 bags, is it? Maybe just your local one? I've never noticed it, and that's the only store I buy clothes at (which happens like once a year - ha!) As for the art projects they look like so much fun! And when you figure out that sewing machine, can you come teach me?

Emily Suzanne said...

I have seen that on the bottom of the forever 21 bag! unexpected, isn't it?
Your project looks so fun!!
I'm excited to see it!

Michel said...

Hi Evan - This is Michel (Michelle) that attends pilates. I haven't seen that yoga bag again but check these out http://www.gaiam.com/category/outlet-sale/yoga-fitness/yoga-props-kits.do.

hope to see you soon!