Wednesday, February 27, 2008

they are amazing.

introducing michael's band... cyrus. they've been creating music for a long time now, and just released their second album, source. they played at a fancy schmancy fundraiser last weekend. i got some smashing photos.

michael is an amazing musician and songwriter. i love how passionate he is about it. and he sure looks good up on stage ;)

this is chris, the drummer. his wife jessica said there aren't any good photos of him because he's always behind a drum set. so i took this one...
and here's jude... also an amazing songwriter. the lighting was pretty dark, so this is the best image i got of him.

this is nathan and sarah... nathan plays electric guitar. just as he leaned down i snapped the shot. it was a genuine moment... they're about to celebrate their first anniversary.

they will be at Jake's in Lubbock on March 6th. if you are nearby, go see them. if not, check out their music at

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ashley nicole said...

evan! i decided it was time for me to be cool and get a blog too! "everyone is doing it" right? well, i just loved reading through your posts!