Sunday, February 10, 2008

big brother

It's getting close to one of my absolute favorite holidays of the year. So I'm going to try to post some sort of valentine-y something each day until February 14th. The picture below was taken literally because Isaiah wanted me to... he got his sister and put his arms around her and said "MOMMEEE TAKE A PICTURE OF UUUUUSSSS!!" So I did... isn't it sweet?

Isaiah is an amazing big brother... he loves his sister so much. He and I were at the grocery store and he wanted to buy a flower for her... and then he wanted to by her a sucker. It was all his idea. What a sweetheart... he gets it from his daddy;)


Live. Laugh. Love. said...

He sure does get that from his dad!! Michael was such a great big brother to me!!!

I just hope Isaiah didn't inherit the whole "hang your sister on the fence post by her coat hood" or the "hang her doll from a noose in the play house"

But it's those stories that make me laugh now!!!

love you guys!

The Barnyard's said...

Oh I love it!!! They are so adorable!! I want to hang out...soon!! Lovies!