Wednesday, November 17, 2010

our trip to the city

our first night in manhattan was perfect for a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

...dinner at Superfine

...and of course Times Square

this is Bryant Park... it's crazy to me that you can find such 
serenity so close to the madness at Times Square

oh how I loved you, fashion week

putting on my wedges right before we went in
(i wasn't the only one doing this)

tracy reese's clothes were beautiful!
we saw natalie morales

we had access to the VIP lounge!!

and betsey johnson was like a rock concert
we saw Kelly Osborne and Denise Richards... and Carmen Electra
(we didn't recognize Carmen, but found out later she was sitting right next to Kelly)

the blonde on the left of this picture was sitting right next to me... with the little girl and her mom...
they let me go down to the floor with them to get this picture! 
(I'm pretty sure she was shamelessly using the little girl just to get her pic taken with celebs. 
she was a total snob to me when i was all 
giddy and showing my small-town-girl-in-a-big-city-at-fashion-week side... but whatever)
what's funny about this picture, though is what's going on behind denise and the girls. 
such an interesting group of people there at fashion week

and then there was MoMA... a whole different kind of magic

and of course fao schwartz

we went into the Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan dealership... 
the showroom was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

last night in New York City was perfect for a Mets game

i'm so ready to go back!! 

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