Monday, November 29, 2010

Dollhouse Build

welcome to the biggest project i've ever done... a project in which terms like "mitered", "gable", "facia" and "boston lap ridgecap" became a part of my vocabulary (at least in my head)

each piece had to be painted, sanded, and painted again

the shingles had to be dyed

the porch floor measured, marked, and painted

and the walls & floors glued and taped

i painted the black and white floors... this will be the kitchen & dining room

the shutters & windows painted and glued

the shingles glued on one-by-one

i didn't get pics of the railings, but they had to be assembled piece by piece as well

michael made a platform for it... with casters and handles 
so she can pull it out into the center of her room and play!

she really loves it! 


Sharyn said...

Evan, you did a beautiful job! Amelia can't wait to play at Sarah's house :)

evan said...

thanks, Sharyn!!! Sarah's excited to have Amelia come and play!!