Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cutie patootie

happy happy happy am i that sarah got to be in her dance recital :) this little girly-girl emerged from within her. the make-up, the costume... performing on a real stage... she really enjoyed the spotlight. my amazingly talented photographer friend melanie agreed to be there with camera in hand to get good shots of the moment. after the show, we took sarah off to get some more pictures. 
that's sarah... the tiny one on the end. :D

thank you so much, melanie... i love them!!! 

ps... i did do a little editing on the ones that have that vintage look. not the last one, though... that one's all melanie-goodness! i think i will use it for my new blog banner! 


Anonymous said...

How adorable! I am so glad she got to be in the recital. Are her kitty cat days over?

Alisa Palmer said...

definitely still up for a collaboration! We could have it set for sometime in Sept. Oct. and calling Falling in Love (for fall!) or something less dorky, haha. Let's brainstorm!

Mandy said...

These photos are amazing. She's so sweet. Thanks for saying hey. I've missed you, but I totally understand computer time taking a backseat. It has for me as well. Keep creating my artist mama friend! ;)