Monday, January 12, 2009


a dancer? a kitty cat? or maybe just Sarah...

sarah took her very first dance class today. she was all decked out in a pink leotard, black skirt and striped legwarmers. we get there and as soon as we walk in the door she said "i have to get my tap shoes on". she was ready and willing. i think she was even excited about it. (and maybe a little anxious too) they lined up all the girls, marched them into the studio and shut the door. i didn't even get a peek inside. 

45 minutes later they open the door and she comes out, her teacher behind her... who makes a b-line towards me. the first thing out of my mouth was "did she do good?" expecting to hear "yes, sarah is so cute... she did such a great job. your daughter is beautiful and graceful and is destined to be a dancer!!" 

instead, her teacher said "she pretended to be a cat the entire class... crawling on the floor. rolling on the floor. licking her paws and meowing. i'm going to hold off on ordering her costume for the recital in june. she needs to be able to get through a class without pretending to be a cat." lovely. i mean... the girl is 3, right? 3 year olds are all about pretending, right?

needless to say, we'll just have to give her a little time to adjust to this new class... all the while teaching her a little lesson: "when you're at dancing school, you need to be a little girl. you can be a cat at home, but when you go to dance class you need to be Sarah." 

she does make a beautiful cat, though. maybe she needs to be in theater. we'll see.


Jerrie said...

ahhhh...hahahahaha. that is so cute!! love the way you told the story too! :o)

we really MAY have a kitten come down the isle at my wedding!! lol I'm perfectly fine with that too!!

love you!

Mandy said...

This makes so much sense to me. When my daughter was 4 and in dance the teacher came to talk to me after class. She told me Zoe was distracting the other kids in the class. Problem is, I got frustrated with Zoe, thinking she needed to behave. Come to find out, Zoe wasn't enjoying dance much and wanted to play soccer. We put her in soccer and she liked it some days and not others. Lesson learned? They're just little kids. They won't be perfect and they sure as heck will want to act like cats some days. I think you have the right attitude about it.

Mandy said...

One more thing...I put that Grace Parenting book on reserve at the library. Can't wait to read it!

Sarah said...

I think sometimes that grown-ups who try to produce a certain specified result with small children just end up stripping them of their imagination? I don't know, but maybe Sarah will discover her own way to be a kitty and dance at the same time.

Hill Country Happenings said...

I love this as I totally know that this will happen to us this Summer when I plan to put Ashton in dance. I think we should just be proud our kiddos are creative! She is adorable!

julio n carla said...

how sweet! imagination is a great thing! what a doll!

can't wait to see all the projects for the girls' amazing online class. i bet you're just as excited!

have a great day!