Friday, September 12, 2008

this is funny

a while back michael came home from work with one of those laser pens. as sarah was finishing her dinner, he hid behind her and made the light dance all around her. the first time he did it she didn't know quite how to react... she kept calling it a ladybug ("laggy bug") and proceeded with lots of giggles and "awww's". then we decided to get her reaction on video. the first reaction was a bit more dramatic, but it's funny to see isaiah get in on the fun...


melanie p. said...

This was so cute. I got a kick out of it!
It just does not see right to see such understanding words come out of the mouth of someone so little. Sarah always gets me w/ that!
love you guys!

Emily Suzanne said...

I'm in!! How much money do you want to spend? Let's keep it reasonable, b/c I'm about to start making Christmas presents! What do you think is a reasonable price?