Tuesday, September 02, 2008

birthday weekend and other fun stuff

my sweet michael took me to dallas for my birthday:) he surprised me with shopping money, so we spent the better part of our labor day weekend in the happy shopping town of frisco:) yesterday on the way back home, we stopped by the ft worth botanical gardens...

and lookie what i picked up at ikea... i adore them.
sunday night we went to see a movie at the angelika film center, a super cool cinema. we saw henry poole is here. a fantastic movie... we loved it! go see it.
a few weeks ago i spent lots and lots of time working on these burp cloths for "olive & everette"... if you have a baby gift to get, go by kk's craft mall and pick one up. we're booth #t8;)
i finished making my freckled nest notebook last week. here's a snap. i'm proud of it:)
i hope my 31st year of life is as good as my 30th one was. right now, it's looking pretty darn good:)
lovelovelove, e


melanie pittman said...

Happy Birthday Michael and Evan!
I was going to call you on your birthday (the 30th right?) and I was riding on the jet ski when I remembered and then I think all that bumpiness (sp?) caused me to forget. Anyho I hope you had a fabulous day! We drove past the IKEA but never made it? We went to the Mall instead. I love your glasses.. they are so you.
Your best days are yet ahead...

tarabreanne said...

its so good to see you had a wonderful birthday :]
i miss you and your family so much,
be blessed.

Emily Suzanne said...

Cute stuff! Okay, tell me how to do this trade thing... I don't know where to begin. I could tell you a few selections you could choose from and then you pick?
Do we have a time frame?

Jerrie said...


About Me said...

Its kelly! Hope you are well. I love the baby stuff you are making. What else are you making besides the burp cloths? I know I am not in Lubbock, but I bet you could mail me some stuff in Houston, maybe?! I have several friends that are pregnant and will need several gifts in the next few months...:)

evan said...

Hey Kelly! I can pretty much stitch on anything that's not cotton knit. I could do a gift set of burp cloths for you for $20... but if there's something else you want, let me know!! I guess ya'll survived the hurricane... everything okay??