Thursday, July 24, 2008

my heart's a little broken today...

yesterday i discovered isaiah had taken some things from this art camp he's been going to all week. i was very upset with him, but remained calm. when michael got home, isaiah had to tell his daddy what he had done. and we told him that this morning he was going to have to take everything back to his teacher and apologize.

well this morning he froze. we got to art camp and when it came time to fess up he hid behind me. once i explained everything to his teacher, she was very understanding and told him "it's not okay to take things without asking. but i forgive you and i'm not mad". still frozen.

my sweet isaiah who has grown in confidence in the last month had faded fast. he was embarrassed and ashamed. i had to stay with him for an hour this morning. he would not let me go. he didn't want to stay. but what i wanted him to learn was that you can't let one bad choice ruin your entire week. you can't just quit because something bad happened. when i finally had a chance to sneak out of there he was coloring and cutting, red puffy eyes and all.

i'm having a tough time with this. i think this feeling of embarrassment is a pretty good consequence for stealing. but it's breaking my heart. not sure what to expect when i pick him up this afternoon. but i hope to see a smile on his face.


Jerrie said...

O evan...I'm so sorry you had to go through this today. He was so excited about Art Camp!! I hope he forgets about it so it doesnt take away this experience for him.

I'll be thinking of you two today. I'll pray for his big cheese smile!!!

love ya!

Jamie Campbell said...

evan, i'm sorry! as they grow and have the chances to make their own choices, they are not always good choices...but you and michael are great role models for isaiah and he is NOT a bad kid. those art supplies must've been REALLY cool. :-)
hang in there! i know how hard it is to watch them suffer consequences. but trust that he will grow in character with each one.