Friday, July 25, 2008

much better day...

isaiah was all smiles yesterday when i picked him up. whew! i know the process he went through after thieving something and having to deal with the shame and embarrassment of is a valuable lesson to him. a good lesson for me too: being a mom is the toughest thing i'll ever do.

and lookie what i bought:

it's a build your own notebook kit from leigh-ann over at freckled nest. (click on the icon to the right) isn't it great? she's got several left, so go pick one out. they are all so stinkin cute i had a hard time picking just one. my birthday is next month, so now you know what to get me:) i like "olivia" and "shawn" and "kim".

i cannot wait to get it in the mail!


jessica said...

Whew, I'm glad things were better when you picked up Isaiah. I've been thinking about you guys!

The new kitchen color turned out sooo much better! I'll post pics when I get back home and get all the hardware put back on!

The Barnyards said...


Glad everything is better. It is hard being a mom. Especially when your kids get older and start learning all of life's lessons. I thought of you this morning when we picked Jonah up from Sunday School and his teacher said he had to sit in "Time out" because he was acting like a bully. It made me so sad...I wanted to make excuses for him...but there wasn't any. He had to learn....and I'm afraid that's the way it will be all of this life.

We need to get together. Maybe to celebrate your birthday I can make you a fun and yummy breakfast or lunch? We could eat on my pretty China...and drink tea...and eat yummy cake....I know you're busy but I'd love it!

Freckled Nest said...

i can't wait to see it!! please let me know when you post it :)
how were the instructions? were they clear and descriptive? too descriptive?