Monday, April 14, 2008

for today...

i got tagged by my sweet friend marla. so here are some random facts about me:

1. i'm allergic to bananas. they make my ears itch.

2. i went to Tech. i was a sorority girl. it took me 6 years to graduate.

3. i once spend an entire summer living in a tent. i was working at philmont scout ranch giving tours of the villa philmonte, once the summer home of waite phillips... phillips 66. i was called a "villa babe"

4. in high school i was on the flag line. we twirled big flags out on the field with the marching band.

5. my brother spencer has met julia roberts and gloria estefan. he also went fly fishing with jeff corwin. that's not really about me but its still a cool factoid;)

6. i'm a little obsessed with gilmore girls.

7. i like to use "lovely" as a form of sarcasm.

TAG!! you're it... jessica, ashley, jerrie :) can't wait to read your random factoids!

more later... including a picture of my new shoes. i'll be taking them out friday night!



Jerrie said...

YAY! I love these! I did mine! O - and I tagged Freckled Nest too...she did it too! hehe

Darrel said...

When I worked at Philmont, I loved going to visit the "Big House," not for the house, but for the guides. hehehe. That was about 15 years before you were there.

I must ask, are you a member of the Philmont Staff Association? If not, you should be. Just google it to find the info.

The Barnyard's said...

You are so cute!