Monday, March 24, 2008

so i got the chance to paint the "couch room" for Lakeridge UMC youth. i have wanted to paint this room for almost 4 years. finally, we got it done! it's the biggest project i've ever done. here's a peek...
and in this image, you see the beautiful raven. she helped me tremendously with this project. you can also see the FLOR tiles we put together for a gigantic rug.
and then it was Easter. for breakfast we took the kids to Krispy Kreme. as if they weren't going to have enough sugar in their easter baskets:)

isaiah's excited face...
...and sarah with her mouth full of chocolate. yeah she ended up having so much candy that she puked.
our weekend also included watching movies...
enchanted its really a must-see if you're a girl;) amy adams is hilarious.
american gangster its a rare occasion that michael and i actually get to see a movie like this... we're usually watching whatever the kids like. so this one was quite intense. it was very good though.
mr. bean's holiday isaiah loved this one! i did too. basically a foriegn film with a lot of heart. not your typical "mr bean" flick, but there was of course a little silliness:)


Emily Suzanne Sims said...

I'm SOOo loving that couch room you did! Great job! When did you start painting? You're so good! I bet you've painted in your kids' rooms, haven't you? I'm dreaming up ways to make my sons' rooms different right now.
I'm also trying to think of a good time to come to Lubbock for a girls' day.
Do you know Katie Drake? She lives in Lubbock and is one of my fav's!!

modmom said...

lucky mama!
you won my method bathroom buddies giveaway!
please send me your address.