Friday, August 20, 2010

haaaapy haaaappy biiiirthdayy baaayybe

on this day, 33 years ago... the world got the gift of my michael

he's my favorite. remember this post

and today... of all days... i am sick with mono. been sick all week. maybe two... three weeks to go??

so let me add one to the list: he just wants to take care of me today.

suddenly i'm being forced to take life at a snail's pace. when this is the time of the year that i like to take life fast and furious. 

i should just enjoy it right? that's what isaiah says. last night i was in tears over the whole thing and he said "i love being sick! it means you just get to lay around and watch movies!" 

okay, i get it. still. maybe some sewing projects can still be in my near future? 

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Ali said...

i am SO sorry you have mono. but, there is NOTHING to do about it but TRY to enjoy the laziness - sounds like isaiah is just the guy to give you some pointers, too, if you get confused! love!