Monday, June 21, 2010

san antonio part 2

on our way back from san antonio we stopped at wildseed farms outside of fredricksburg

we saw lots and lots of plants and fields of flowers

i was dissappointed that the poppy field had no poppies. and no yellow brick road running through it.

and we saw more butterflies!!

sarah was in heaven.


okay so i've been saving the best part of the trip for last. 

on the way down to san antonio (remember it was on our tenth anniversary?) anyway, michael was driving and loaded the ipod with a playlist. we're driving along. the kids are saying "mom! momma! i need the yellow marker!!" etc etc.

"with or without you" comes on, and because that's the song we played at our wedding during the recessional (perfectly timed to start right at the kiss)... i got the warm fuzzy "awwe" kind of feeling and just sat there enjoying the song (and trying to ignore the noise coming from the backseat)

and michael hands me this book

taken aback, i begin looking through it discovering that it is full of pictures from our last 10 years. memories. moments. snapshots of the magic that is us. 

(yes that's us at age 13... pay more attention to his skinny black leather tie than my hair & outfit)

is he not the most amazing husband ever? completely magical.


jessica said...

Wow, what a PERFECT gift!!
I'm so impressed!

Kathryn said...

that is so so sweet! congratulations to you both :D