Tuesday, March 23, 2010


the spring fling was a success! allison and i had a great time and met lots of fun folks. we're currently waiting for our new blog designs to be finished and will launch our blog, etsy, and even a funky finds shop very soon!

i've got a tiny bit of time to let you in on a few things i'm working on right now.

i signed up for leigh ann's pin cushion swap way back in february. the person i was partnered with never answered my email :(

however i was partnered up with another lovely girl, Lila. (hello new friend :)) we're each making a pin cushion and sending them to each other. she's already finished her's. but i'm working on mine today :) i'll share a picture after i send it off to her.

if you want to know how to make a pincushion of your very own, click here :)

another fun project i'm working on today is a tshirt for my neice abby. she's gonna be one!!!! sweet girl.

another huge project i've been working on is our bedroom. michael and i painted, put down new flooring. new furniture. total overhaul!! i'll share more on that later :)

hope you are having a great week!

xoxo, evan


Emily Suzanne said...

I love it all, Evan!! And CANNOT wait to see your bedroom overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Abby loved seeing herself on your blog! Can't wait to see the tshirt :) and your bedroom!

Jerrie said...

love it!! LOVE THE BEDROOM! cant wait to see you soon!