Thursday, February 11, 2010

homemade valentine

this year i decided to make valentines for isaiah and sarah to give their friends at school
(instead of buying the pre-made ones)

i think they turned out pretty cute:

they were super easy! they are coin envelopes filled with sweet tarts. 

ps. lauren is isaiah's "girlfriend". this is their third year to be in the same class and they have claimed each other as boyfriend/girlfriend since they were 4! maybe they'll be like cory and topanga. ha! !

i also made these for sarah's valentine party at school:

her teacher gave us a GREAT tip for keeping all of the valentines the kids get at their parties:

get some contact paper and arrange them however you want... taking up plenty of space. place another sheet of contact paper on top and voila! you've got a placemat!!

i hope your valentine's day is full of LOVE this year!!


Anonymous said...

Those valentines are precious! My daughter got all her valentines at school today and her favourite out of all 30 of them is the ONE homemade one she recieved :)
Happy Valentines day

Jerrie said...

awww. these are so cute!! i saw the one that said "lauren" and it gave me a smile (before i read below) then i read that and it made me smile even more!! she's one lucky girl!! isaiah's a total keeper!! better snatch him now! :o)