Friday, December 25, 2009

happy birthday, jesus!!

in celebration of the birth of Christ, 

we pause from our daily lives to gather together with friends and family. 

this is a magical time of year. 

this year, in particular, i have been truly blessed. 

my thoughtful husband decided to get a brand-spankin-new refrigerator for me.

the one we've had since we got married has been good to us, but it's probably about 40 years old. it was time. 

i actually received this beauty last week. it's so pretty and shiny. 
and gets our milk really really cold.

thank you, michael. you're so good to me.

and the ONE gift i made myself this year goes to michael's sister jerrie.

i hope she likes it.

no... i hope she really loves it.

wishing you and yours a very merry christmas

1 comment:

Jerrie Haskin Photography said...

oh...she LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!! i cant wait to hang it up!!!

Thank you! you are soooo talented!!