Friday, May 08, 2009


the first craft fair for olive & everette was a success!! here are some images of our inventory. 

and here are a few custom orders I finished this week... 

if you're interested in custom baby/children's apparel, dish towels, cloth napkins, etc... visit our etsy and convo us. a few of the items shown here are available. all of the diaper cakes are available too! 

ps... we'll be updating our shop very sooooon with lots and lots of fantastic hand embroidered and appliqued goods! 


Emily Suzanne said...

I love all of this, Evan!!!
Wish I could've been there! Did you guys get a lot of positive response?
You're inspiring to me. I"m done with school and soon I want to start spending more time crafting... any advice? What gives you the most inspiration???
I love all of your stuff!

jessica said...

Wow, you guys have done a lot. Your inventory has really grown. You're amazing!

evan said...

Thanks, ya'll!! Emily... I say go for it!!! Don't be afraid to try new things... I'm sure you'll do great!