Saturday, March 28, 2009

well hello there...

i'm finally able to share some new things with you! the old laptop was put to rest and i'm now the proud owner of a macbook. it's an entirely new world for me... but i'm slowly getting used to it. if you're a mac user and you have any information you think would be helpful to me, please share :D

i recently filled a custom order for birthday invitations for a little girl who's turning 9. these were so fun to make!

and for good measure, here are some recent photos of the kids: 

sarah LOVES lipgloss. apparently, this particular day she was experimenting with a clown-inspired look.

isaiah is now the proud owner of leather vest and chaps. now he's REALLY a cowboy. unbelievable that he's about to be 6!


Emily Suzanne said...

I LOVE macs! That's all Britt will let us have around our house...
The cards are beautiful!!!
How've you been? I always love reading your blog when you post something... of course!
so, still making stamps? Are you using them a lot? I've yet to get to Hobby Lobby about those things, but have lots of ideas... we're in the process of buying a house, so once that's settled, I'll get ALL crafty.

julio n carla said...

love the pics!!!
and the invites... cuuute!
how is your mac? i want one badly!

melanie pittman said...

ohh love the invites! Fabulous :)
Also love you pic it's mucho prettyo.
Glad to hear you got a mac.