Tuesday, December 09, 2008

there are fun things going on in my world...

geoff & ashley are getting married! we had ashley's lingerie shower at my house and then went out for her bachelorette party. i think she looks especially beautiful wearing pink feathers;) btw emily, we missed you!!

excuse me, ma'am... is that felt??
yes, folks i've been felt-crazy as of late. i've made little felt pendants, pouches, animals. i can't stop. there are many more felt projects up my sleeve, just wait and see.

and here are some naked clay sculptures isaiah and i made. (we'll paint them later) he did the snowman and some other tiny creatures not pictured. and then there is a branch and an owl (laying on it's side) i'll be painting them and gluing them together. and then on the right is pingu. my children are big fans.

and i've discovered a love for buttons. this is my starter collection. it's so full of possibilities!

and i've been spreading christmas cheer all over the house.

a little glimpse of our tree this year. it's magical.

and my kitchy garland!! this is one of my class projects. it's gaudy and messy and random and i love it;)

we sure had fun over the thanksgiving holiday. isaiah and sarah adore their cousins, wyatt and amelia. lots and lots of laughter and giggles from these four.

and we went on the polar express! it was an actual train ride... and so magical!

these two have such a sweet moments together.

isaiah and wyatt with the bells they got from santa when he boarded the polar express!
**i've seriously been crafting nonstop lately. i really want to make all my christmas gifts this year... my mind is racing with ideas. i love it! and i love that everywhere i go there is christmas music playing. and today it snowed in lubbock. sarah and i watched it for a while. she kept asking to go outside so she could eat it. she said "you can eat white snow but you can't eat yellow snow. can i go outside and eat that white snow?"
until next time... :) evan

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Jerrie said...

evan these are awesome!!! i am making some of my gifts this year as well :o) i wish i lived in lbk....we would go craft-crazy together!!! maybe one day....

miss you guys....hopefully i will be dropping off my hooptie this weekend though :o)

lots of love sent your way!