Wednesday, June 18, 2008

melanie's married!!!!

she's such a special friend of ours. we love her dearly. she's got a wisdom about her that can only come from the Lord. and she's married now! she and kirk got married at this amazing old hacienda in san patricio, nm. it was gorgeous. michael sang amazing grace and two of his own songs in the ceremony which was absolutely breathtaking. although i did have to miss a little of the vows to save the dinner table. (a huge gust of wind destroyed the carefully sculptured napkins and placecards i worked so hard on) but all saved and everything was perfect. (so say's melanie;))

the pictures i took were at the rehearsal and dinner. i have never seen her so happy. here's a little evidence:and those shoes!! i had to get a picture of them... they were fabulous. i have a thing for shoes. (i've got a post coming up about shoes... stay tuned:)

i just love weddings. michael does too. maybe we should start our own wedding planning biz. hmmm...

now go see the lauren clark photos of the actual wedding. happy weekend! loves, evan


Emily Suzanne Sims said...

looks so fun! I'm loving the embroidery projects you've got going! How'd you do that?!

Emily Suzanne said...

I'm determined to learn to embroider soon! You def. should embroider it on a pillow!! haha!
How are you guys doing?
and what type of pen do you draw the design on with before you stitch it? AND, what type of thread do you use??

Emily Suzanne said...

I know! I wish we could be crafty together too! :(
I need someone to be crafty with... aww!
did you get the thread at hobby lobby too?